Sunday 14 December 2014

classmates' cards...

Hello again. Hopefully today is a quick post with loads of pics. I must confess that I didn't make these cards. They were all made by my 6 yr old Massimo.

I am really in awe of him. He came home from school on Tuesday and said: "Mum I need to make  my Christmas cards". He needed 28 for classmates and 4 for teachers.

He wasn't at all phased. So I showed him some stencils and he picked the ones he wanted to use. 

He loves my distress inks and also the ink dusters. So it was team work as he keeps saying.

I cut the cards and stuck the stencils down so they don't move and he was inking away.

When it came to the above cards I showed him how to use the make up sponge and away he went.

Between yesterday (Saturday) and today we finished the stamping. I helped him somewhat there making sure he didn't move the stamp too much. All the stamps are from Claritystamp.

He has written them all on the inside as well. 

Now all he has left to do is to write the envelopes and pop a chocolate in each and he's done.

I am so proud of him. He worked like a trouper. He didn't even think about watching telly but concentrated on getting them done.

Seeing him inspired me to make some similar cards. In turn he decided to copy mine to make the teacher cards.

As a finishing touch i added a little bit of sparkle with a sakura pen. It is subtle and difficult to photograph.

Below are the teacher cards he made. I did the siggly outline and the matting and layering.

For sure at his age I wouldn't have been able to produce this.

Please bear in mind that these were made by a 6 yr old so be kind with comments, Theresa xx


  1. These are all brilliant cards for anyone to make - never mind a 6 yr old! They are lovely Massimo, very well done xx

  2. No need to be kind Theresa.... They are all fantastic! I love the holly ones but my favourite are the colourful teacher ones!!! I'd be delighted to receive a card like that! Well done! They are lovely Massimo! X

    1. Thanks Jane. if you come and teach at his school, you might get some off him ;) xx

  3. Massimo is a very talented crafter, and you should both be very proud of these cards; they are wonderful! Xxx

  4. Wow! Clever boy, they are terrific xx Zoe xx

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  6. They are beautiful, well done Massimo.

  7. Hi, hope you are well and playing with your melt pot. Just been on sue wilson blog and I think you have won a prize, I hope you have..happy christmas, hope to see u on a workshop soon. X sam.

    1. hi Sam. i think so. nearly didn't look and then it caught my eye. Happy christmas and new year to you and yours xx